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Why do we need this- We need to work on the people side of change because people are the ones who are directly affected by any changes that occur in an organization. Change can cause anxiety, fear, and resistance, and if these reactions are not addressed, it can lead to negative consequences such as low morale, decreased productivity, and increased turnover.

Working on the people side of change involves understanding the human factors that influence how individuals and groups respond to change. It involves communicating effectively, building trust, providing support, and involving employees in the change process. By doing so, organizations can minimize resistance and help employees adapt to change more easily.

working on the people side of change is essential because it helps to ensure that the desired outcomes of the change are achieved. If employees are not engaged and committed to the change, it is unlikely that the change will be successful. Therefore, it is important to focus on the people side of change to maximize the chances of success and minimize the negative impacts of change on the organization and its employees.

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Let’s learn about Anchoring bias- April Edition

April 8, 2024 , Posted by: Admin

A company initiates a reorganization of its marketing department aiming for a 40% increase in productivity within six months… Read More

Boundaries and Leadership: A Tale of Workplace Dynamics

September 27, 2023 , Posted by: Admin

Let’s ponderReflecting on your past experiences, can you share instances where you’ve grappled with balancing personal relationships with colleagues and professional standards in the workplace? What doubts or challenges have … Read More

Strategic Leadership Insights: Drawing Inspiration from Simon Kjær’s Crisis Management

September 27, 2023 , Posted by: Admin

Meet the go-getter letter Harry, who leads from the front when there is trouble in the project, escalation or any issues with other teams and stakeholders. However, when a colleague … Read More

Embracing Authenticity: Building a Fulfilling and Change-Ready Corporate Culture- August edition

September 27, 2023 , Posted by: Admin

This month, Amsterdam celebrates Pride. The annual Amsterdam Pride event includes the iconic Canal Parade, parties, and activities, fostering a vibrant and supportive atmosphere for people of all sexual orientations … Read More

Navigating Inflation and Price Rise Challenges in Corporate Relationships

July 20, 2023 , Posted by: Admin

Executive Summary: Inflation and price rise have significant implications for franchise relationships, including increased operating costs, reduced profit margins, and a direct impact on consumer purchasing power. These challenges strain franchisees’ … Read More

Don’t send your ChatGPT-generated content without doing this

July 20, 2023 , Posted by: Admin

Last week, I was invited to speak at ING Bank on how to add creativity and a human touch to ChatGPT content. The hour was filled with laughter, insights, and … Read More


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